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Are you up for a challenge?

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From the 22nd to the 25th of August, PrimeGrid will be running "The Dog Days of Summer Challenge" This particular challenge is for the 321 LLR prime search. This PrimeGrid subproject is searching for primes of the form 3*2n-1 and 3*2n+1.

PrimeGrid project URL; http://www.primegrid.com/

What is a challenge?

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A challenge is a short period of time, ranging from one day to several weeks. During this challenge, you crunch as much as you can for this (sub)project. At the end of the challenge there is a user and a team ranking. Stats are updated and exported very frequently, so stats sites like BOINCStats can keep very detailed statistics. The challenge concept has been developed by Rytis Slatkeviçius from PrimeGrid and Willy de Zutter from BOINCStats.

The"Dog Days of Summer Challenge" is part of Primegrid's "Challenge Series". There is a challenge every month and at the end of the year one user and one team are crowned "Challenge Series" winners. This challenge is PrimeGrids 5th challenge this year.

What is PrimeGrid?

The primegrid screensaverPrimeGrid is a project searching for large prime numbers of special forms. The current projects are:

  • Twin Prime Search: searching for gigantic twin primes of the form k*2n+1 and k*2n−1.
  • Cullen-Woodall Search: searching for mega primes of forms n*2n+1 and n*2n−1.
  • 321 Prime Search: searching for mega primes of the form 3*2n±1.
  • Prime Sierpinski Project: helping Prime Sierpinski Project solve the Prime Sierpinski Problem.

There are 2 different kinds of applications available: LLR and sieve. LLR tests the primality of one number and returns whether it is prime or not. But it would take a lot of time to LLR all candidates. So the sieve takes a lot of candidates and removes the composite ones (that are not prime) by finding factors that divide the composite, so LLR'ing them is not necessary. The sieve however, cannot find any primes. For the 321 search, only the LLR application is available for BOINC.

PrimeGrid is already responsible for many primes in the Top 5000, and with this challenge they hope to find another mega prime. They have found the largest twin prime and the largest Woodall prime ever discovered.

How do I participate in this challenge?

To participate, you must first sign up for PrimeGrid through the BOINC manager or an account manager like BAM! or GridRepublic. After that, you log in to the PrimeGrid website and edit your preferences. In the projects area, select only "321 prime search". One word of advice: Pentium 4's, Core2Duo's and Core2Quads excel at LLR and should definately take part in this challenge. If you have an AMD, you might prefer sieving as they are very bad at LLR.

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