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Client configuration (advanced)

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The BOINC core client can be controlled by command-line options, configuration files, and environment variables.

These features are generally useful only for advanced users.

Configuration files

BOINC uses the following configuration files. They are located in the BOINC data folder. You can edit one or more of these files before launching the client to control BOINC in various ways.

Account files
Each one describes an attached project.
Override global preferences.
Turn log messages on/off by category, and other core client configuration options.
Hosts from which remote GUI RPCs is allowed
GUI RPC password
Startup project
Account manager URL
Account manager login

Command-line options

The core client has command-line options that provide minimal control (e.g. the ability attach and detach projects).

More detailed control, and the ability to interact with a running client, is provided by the boinccmd tool.

Show client options.
Show client version.
--attach_project URL account_key
Attach this computer to a new project.
Print a list of projects to which this computer is attached.
--detach_project URL
Detach this computer from a project.
--reset_project URL
Clear pending work for a project. Use this if there is a problem that is preventing your computer from working.
--update_prefs URL
Contact a project's server to obtain new preferences. This will also report completed results and get new work if needed.
Run CPU benchmarks. Do this if you have modified your computer's hardware.
(Unix) If 'run if user active' preference is off, check for input activity on all current logins; default is to check only local mouse/keyboard
--gui_rpc_port N
Specify port for GUI RPCs
Allow GUI RPCs from remote hosts
--dir abs_path
Use the given directory as BOINC home
Detach from console (Windows only; Linux equivalent is --daemon, see below)
Don't allow GUI RPCs.
Linux: detach from controlling terminal; Windows: run as service
--start_delay N
Specify a number of seconds to delay running apps after client startup **New in 6.1**.
Allow multiple BOINC clients to run concurrently on a single host. If set, you must run each BOINC client in a separate BOINC data directory (if you run multiple clients in the same directory, this will not be detected, and mayhem will ensue). **New in 6.2.2**

Environment variables

URL of HTTP proxy
User name for proxy authentication
Password for proxy authentication
URL of SOCKS 4 server
URL of SOCKS 5 server
User name for SOCKS authentication
Password for SOCKS authentication

Implementation and debugging command-line options

Exit when 1) at least one scheduler request has been made, and 2) there are no more jobs, i.e. when all jobs have been completed, reported, and acknowledged. **New in 6.1** Also causes results to be reported immediately after completion.
Exit just before starting any job (use this to check the contents of slot directories).
Exit just after finishing any job (use this to check the contents of slot directories).
Don't run performance benchmarks; used fixed numbers instead.
--exit_after_app_start N
Exit about N seconds after first application starts
Put client in the background after starting up
Don't run CPU benchmarks
--file_xfer_giveup_period N
Specify giveup period for file transfers
Passed by screensaver when it launches client



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